Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Late Night at Geneva Steel

Remember that Adidas spot we made in commercials class earlier this year? Well, it made its way to YouTube recently. It's got 585 views and counting.


Uptown Girl said...

whoa, cool! I should have been a creative... Seth, I've been meaning to ask you - did your SAP stuff ever go through? I saw an ad for it on CNN while I was in Greece and wondered if you had written it.

the Jerman said...

You made this!?! This is amazing, I remember seeing it before, but not where it was, and I remember that I was really impressed by it. way to go.

bardhi haliti said...

why does everybody claim authorship to this piece? i mean everybody has it in their portfolio. so who did really make it?

Yancy said...

bardhi haliti:
it was a small group of creative students and several film students in a commercials class at BYU.

hmmm...Seth, so I'm wondering if we should post our Charmin commercial on youtube. :)

I kind of want to take that class again next semester.

Jonathan said...

awesome! what did you add to it, seth? cool to be part of a nice piece like that.