Monday, November 27, 2006


I've had many great Thanksgivings in my day. There was the time when I ate at the famous Café Tacuba in Mexico City with my folks. There was the time when I got caught on tape using my hands to put food on my fork after it fell from my plate. And who could forget last year's trip up to Ogden to visit the Nelson family?

Well this year definitely ranks among the best Thanksgivings ever. Since the grandkids live in Utah now, Mom and Dad came up from San Diego for the occasion. We played our traditional family soccer game. We ate our traditional turkey dinner. And the morning after, my nephews gave me their traditional wake-up pounce. Does life get any better?

For some reason I have suddenly become fascinated with family history. While Dad was in town, I took the opportunity to go with him to see the tomb of our ancestor Gilberth Haws in the Provo Cemetary. Gilberth is my great-great-great-grandfather. He came to America from England after converting to Mormonism and settled here in Utah.

This is the hospital where my dad was born in Lehi.

This is the place card Samuel made me for Thanksgiving dinner. Notice that the turkey is escaping the wrath of the evil oven.

This is Caleb learning how to use an iPod.

This is how I get my workout in.

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