Thursday, July 27, 2006

Families, Kindness, and Rock & Roll

Tonight Jared and I went to The Knitting Factory to see the the amazing music group DANIELSON FAMILE. (Yes, they are all siblings.) This is only the second time I've paid money to see a concert this summer, so that is saying a lot. To put the show concisely:

Great music.
Unsurmountable cheerfulness.
Adorable costumes.
Bizarre arrangements.
Christian message.
Indie vibe.

Who could ask for more?

I certainly didn't, yet somehow I was lucky enough to run into Sufjan Stevens after the show.

Me: "Hey. You look just like Sufjan Stevens!"
Sufjan: "Yeah, I've gotten that before."

Of course, I knew all along it was him. I just had to be sure. He was a nice fellow--kind enough to walk half a block with me. (And not treat me like an idiot for getting star-struck.)

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Mooney said...

Those cats was crazy.