Monday, March 13, 2006

Vlogs are the new Blogs

So I finally figured out how to put videos on my blog (with a little help from the good people at Yes folks, today we officially become a vlog.

This is a video of & from when we played for the girls in our ward. Watch for my awesome mess-up during the solo section!

Also check out &'s new site:

Get this video and more at


Anonymous said...

hi. you don't know me but my name is Julie carpenter. I am in your sister sasha's ward in Cali, and she said you also knew my bro dan carpenter from byu advertising classes. :) well, anyway, i was over at sasha's this morning and i got to hear some of your music. needless to say, i snagged the cd, burned it and i'm listening to it right now. it's rad! julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Sath,
Hope you're having a good week. Samuel's baptism went smoothly, but now he he's going on having a fever for 2 days. I think the worst is over. Doug and Cheryl made a quick trip down and back. Once they got here we thought it would have been cool if they drove you down, oh well. I don't get your band name, I'm sorry to say. I guess you guys ruled out American Seagull? (maybe I'm not hip enough to get band names?) Anyway, I look forward to a new CD coming out. I wrote you some lyrics, but I'm not sure they fit your demographics :)You did so well on your first CD, With you and Jamen working together I expect your new tunes will be a hit. Well, good luck!

Bradley L. Hill said...

This is really fun! Keep it up!

Mooney said...

Vlog sounds like the name of a Russian Prostitute with huge hips.

Becca said...

I don't have Flash 8. Boo. I've already seen this video of you and Jamen anyway.

p.s. longest word verification ever.

Emilie said...

It sounds awesome Seth! Thanks for the vlog.