Monday, March 06, 2006

Taking notes from BYUSA

When it comes to BYUSA elections, I'm as apathetic as it gets. Everyone knows that student leadership is a silly waste of time and energy, right? Seriously, I cannot name one good thing that a BYUSA president has ever done for me.

That was until today. As Jamen and I were walking through the quad we saw this guy waving a sign for "Mike and Caleb." Nothing shocking; there are dozens of campaigners waving signs all over campus today. What was shocking was what was written underneath the names on the sign.


As an advertising student I cannot commend this non-traditional idea enough. Simply brilliant. What better way to say "service" than by actually serving me with something very valuable and relevant to my life? I even had getting a haircut on my to-do list today.

So, yeah, vote for Mike and Caleb.


Anonymous said...

i love the do. definite upgrade. YOUR BIGGEST FAN,

Becca said...

I thought I was your biggest fan. I can take you Christina. :)

Becca said...

Hopefully that's the Christina I think it is.

Seth said...

Hmmmmm. I think yes. My cousin Kristina is with a K. Plus it would make sense that creative Christina be anonymous because she uses Livejournal. Though if it's not her, then I have a secret admirer. In which case, she may find you, and you too may really have to duke it out.

Anonymous said...


Sir James Affleck said...

I met the Mike guy in the Library. Nice Chap. I voted for him in the prelims, but forgot to followup in the real one oops.

Bradley said...

Did you at least know if the person doing it was a professional?

I only trust professionals. My looks would be trifling without them. lol.

I don't even have my hair cut on campus to avoid the BYU missionary hairstyle!