Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in the Office

There is a generally-accepted rule in American corporate culture that says not to bring politics into the workplace. Certainly political posters fit into this category of "off limits" material for the office.

But for some reason with Barack Obama things are different. It seems the rule is now politics = bad, Obama = good. A few months ago I was surprised to see the Shepard Fairey-designed Obama "Hope" poster up in an office down the hall from me. And now the cubicle a few spots over is sporting the Obama Rolling Stone magazine cover shot.

This brings our grand total up to two--a number I can only assume will grow as November nears. It's got me curious to know what things are like in other parts of the country. So, how many Obamas in your office?


Anonymous said...

None so far.

Mooney said...

A serious no,no at NPR.

Even as a supporter, that poster freaks me out. Looks a little too iconic, like a Che Guevara or a Chairman Mao.

Bradley L. Hill said...

What do you think about the Europe tour? I think somethin' ain't right.

Peter said...

"politics = bad, Obama = good"

power of branding

bcrockett said...

At least 5 people here. And that's in UT.