Thursday, December 06, 2007

That's me on the corner, shaking hands with Michael Stipe and Patti Smith.

Last night there was a charity auction launch party at the Saatchi building. I saw it advertised a couple of days ago in the cafeteria, but the $50 suggested donation dissuaded me from going.

So leaving work last night there was a big swarm of paparazzi in our lobby. Tempted as I was to stick around to see the stars arrive, the thought of spending more time at work was just too much.

So as fate would have it, walking to the subway I pass by Michael Stipe (lead singer of R.E.M.) and Patti Smith (legendary singer). After letting them pass me by I knew I would regret not at least saying hi. So I did a 180 and headed back to the building. On the corner right outside Saatchi I make my attack. Tapping Mr. Stipe on the shoulder, I say hi, shake hands, and point them on their way to their party.

Cool. Confident. Comfortable. One of my best star sightings to date.

NOTE: This picture was taken just moments after our run in.


Alison said...

do you want to be friends again? I saw hunter at an Ad Club lunch. But i didn't see sethy.

AOBrien said...