Saturday, August 25, 2007

MP3 Experiment Four

Last Saturday I participated in my first mp3 experiment, put on by the good folks at Improv Everywhere. An mp3 experiment is basically a flash mob set to an instructional soundtrack. Everyone meets at the same place and pushes play at the same time on their portable music player. They had us playing twister, shaking hands, high-fiving strangers, giving thumbs up, playing tag, making a huge human dart board, and doing a lie-down meditation. I was thoroughly impressed with the event. There is nothing more fun than providing entertainment for unsuspecting onlookers.

Can you find me in this meditation shot?

Here you can see the Deutsche Bank Fire going on at the same time. After the event my friends and I were walking through the Ground Zero area to visit Trinity Church. As the smell of the fire worsened, I remember making a comment about how bad it must have been during 9/11. I really can't imagine.

Little did I know that last week's fire would turn into a tragedy in itself.

Mp3 Experiment Four: Part One from ImprovEverywhere and Vimeo.

Mp3 Experiment Four: Part Two from ImprovEverywhere and Vimeo.

Mp3 Experiment Four: Time Lapse from ImprovEverywhere and Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Green T-shirt, beige shorts, right hand on backpack?
Clueless in La Mesa

Anonymous said...

No, no! Far left. Darker green shirt, darker shorts, cell phone on ground under left arm, knit bag under right arm?

Seth Hill said...

That's correct!