Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ten Tally Marks

Today in VAGD 310 Becca ordered me to update my blog. Then she started hissing at me and showing her teeth. I figured enough was enough. It's time to be a blogger again.

So far this semester has been a good one. Despite only having 12 credits I am keeping fairly busy. My class schedule was finalized today. (Yes, today--one week after the deadline. It took me three weeks to convince Chris Cutri to let me add his media literacy class!) The courses I am taking are:

ENG 315: a general education writing course
SPAN 345: Spanish civilization
COMMS 351: media literacy
VAGD 310: Flash animation
REL 355: a comparison of Judaism and Mormonism

Aside from school I am working for the Daily Universe as an ad designer and trying to invest as much time as possible in friends. I only have one semester left to be a BYU student.


Bradley L. Hill said...

He's alive! He's alive!

Becca said...

whoa now. there was no hissing. but yay! posting!

Anonymous said...


Do you have any plans for conference? You're welcome to join us Sunday, if you want.

nycfushca said...

this wouldn't be a seth blog minus pictures, even if it meant harassing famous people.