Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Life is great when overlooking Manhattan.

Today I sold a security system to a Dominican lady named Milka. It's still amazing to me how black Dominicans are. I feel like they should be speaking Ebonics, but instead they speak the most amazing Spanish. It's awesome.

Another interesting thing is that in Latin families the husband almost always wears the pants and the wife is more submissive. With Dominicans though, like blacks, it seems that the wife actually plays the more dominant role in the decision-making process. In my sale from Friday the Dominican husband didn't even carry a checkbook because his wife handles the finances. Milka makes sale number 7 and install number 6.

The mundanity of this job is finally kicking in. Luckily I have New York City at my fingertips to make things OK. I cruised into town solo Friday night and checked out the Times Square Virgin Megastore. Saturday a bunch of us headed into town after dinner to see "Sahara." We walked all the way from Times Square to the financial district. Long walk, but it was fun.

Sunday Jenny (roommate David's cousin from Brooklyn) made us all barbeque chicken bagel sandwiches for dinner. We gathered a big group of girls from the ward and all dined in the clubhouse overlooking Manhattan. It was awesome.

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