Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome to West New York

So my 7th semester at BYU ended last week. It was so eventful that I didn't even have time to write a thing about it. Most importantly, I got accepted into the creative track of the advertising program. Basically this means that when I graduate I'll have a nice ad portfolio and hopefully be able to work in an ad agency as either an art director or copywriter. Design classes: here I come.

A lot of other cool and not-so-cool things happened during the last four months, but I'm too lazy to write about all of them. I remember something about winning a beat-boxing contest and several trips to the BYU health center. The rest is all a blur.

As for now, I've decided to once again try my luck selling security systems door-to-door. This year it's New Jersey. I know I swore I'd never knock another door after last summer; however, the promise of another year was just too great. In other words, I was heavily recruited, hounded, and pampered by past managers and somehow got convinced.

I live now in a place called West New York, NJ. I love it. Our apartment complex overlooks the NYC skyline. Today we took the ferry to Manhattan and went to a singles ward in the city. The sassy Sara Payne was there along with New York internship faculty adviser Brad Rawlins. They accompanied Andrew and I along with some new Firstline friends on a stroll through the city. Because we all arrived late last night and have no food, we dined at a nice Chinese place by the chapel. After that we walked through Central Park and Times Square. I was mesmerized as always. Highlights included:

*seeing a djembe circle complete with capoeira and interpretive dance *pretending to be Sara's bodyguard as she sported J-Lo sunglasses and hid her face under her collar

It should be a good summer.

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